About us

[ About us ]

My one and only grandma built a house with her husband in the 1960s, the so-called garage rooms were built on the garage and were rented out as usual in the past. In addition to the house, household and children, she took care of the guests, who at that time were still sitting at the dining table and were much more integrated into the family. Whether you like it or not, but she is my role model for what a woman can achieve and was certainly involved in how modern women in Bavaria wanted to live back then. In any case, my grandmother's last name is Fuchs and there was a huge wrought-iron sign with "Fuchsbau" on her house. However, since I have a different name, I remodeled the garage room into a luxury holiday home and transferred the name to the 21st century. This is how the name fuxbau came about and since our holiday home is directly adjacent to a mountain and the house looks towards the forest, it was clear it would be the fuxbau forest lounge.

But now about us, we are a family of 4, very ordinary. Unfortunately, like for many other families, 2020 was not the glossy year, we all had to go through the crisis. My husband with 15 months of short-time work and I were no longer taken back from parental leave. 

We are not people who will bury our heads in the sand in the long term. Soon we were sitting at the dining table we were discussing what the best thing to do. The idea was quickly born to build up a second mainstay.


[ Ruhpolding ]

Ruhpolding is located in the heart of the Chiemgau in beautiful Bavaria ...

The enchanted valley is surrounded by the mountains and offers fun for young and old in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The center of the village is reachable in 10 minutes to foot.

You can find all leisure time fun at: https://www.ruhpolding.de  and https://www.chiemsee-chiemgau.info/ 

The place is perfect for hiking, sports, cycling, cross-country skiing, culture, strolling, families, tobogganing, skiing and for everyone who wants to learn it, biathlon enthusiasts, last but not least, for gourmets.

But I've included a few insider tips for families for you https://ruhpoldingerratsch.ruhpolding.de/de/information/index/1-0.html


[ Our Rules ]

Dear holiday guests! Our holiday apartment / holiday home should be a second home for you. You should feel good and be able to rest. We have put a lot of effort into setting it up and hope you find everything you need. The following house rules are intended to be an aid for a harmonious stay. We have also listed some rules that we hope you will understand. By treating the apartment properly, you will also help us to offer you and other guests satisfactory rooms in the future.

General Should you miss anything in the facility or if you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us. All things that are in the holiday apartment / holiday home or on the balcony or terrace, or belong to it, may and should be used by guests. Please handle all furnishings and inventory carefully and treat the rental property with care. Please ensure that your fellow travelers also comply with the rental conditions.

Charging e-bike batteries Charging e-bike batteries is only permitted outside, on a fireproof surface and with enough distance from combustible materials and only under supervision. The guest is fully liable for damages due to violation.

Kitchen Please handle the kitchen equipment and technical devices with care. Since a dirty kitchen does not please anyone, please only put dishes, pots and cutlery in the cupboards when they are clean and dry. Please do not place hot pots and other hot items on the tables or countertop without coasters. Always use a cutting board as a base for cutting. Please leave the interior of the oven and microwave in a clean condition.

Damage Nobody deliberately damages things, but it can happen to anyone that something breaks. We would be happy if you inform us of the damage incurred and we do not find it after your departure during the final cleaning. The tenant is liable for damage to the amount of the replacement costs. Please do not color your hair in our guest house.

Ventilation To avoid the formation of mold, we ask you to ventilate the rooms sufficiently, at least once a day for 5-10 minutes and especially after showering.

Duty of care We ask our guests to treat the rental property with care and to ensure that fellow travelers and relatives also adhere to the rental conditions. The entrance door should always be closed and locked with a key when leaving the house. Likewise, all windows must be closed when leaving the apartment in order to avoid possible damage from storms or burglary. The resources of water and electricity must be used sparingly. We point out that it is not possible to load an electro car and it´s not allowed to load via the normal power socket.

Disposal The waste is separated into residual waste and paper. Corresponding containers are available on the property. Please only use the garbage can with garbage bags and dispose of them closed in the residual garbage can. No rubbish, leftover food, harmful liquids or the like may be thrown or poured into the kitchen sink, toilets, wash basins and showers! Avoid anything that can lead to clogging of the pipes (no hygiene items in the toilet).

Cleaning Should you ever have a mishap (extreme dirt, liquids on the floor or work surfaces, etc.), we ask you to rectify this immediately. We ask you to leave the apartment swept clean on departure and to put all used dishes back in the cupboards.

Quiet times In the interests of good neighborliness, we ask you to observe the public quiet times such as lunch, night and Sunday rest. Out of consideration, silence should also be kept in the holiday apartment between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Internet / WLAN There is a wireless Internet connection (WLAN) in the holiday home / holiday home. Please ask us for the access code. The use of the Internet with your own WLAN-enabled device (notebook, PDA, smartphone, etc.) via the WLAN connection is free for the tenant. You use the Internet at your own risk, the landlord excludes any liability in connection with the tenant's use of the Internet. For the use of the Internet access via WLAN, the WLAN usage rules must also be taken into account. But please understand that we have to protect ourselves against abuse.

Smoking Smoking is not allowed in the holiday home / holiday home. Please leave the apartment / holiday home to smoke. Please dispose of the completely cooled cigarette remains in the garbage can. These include also shisha, ecigs, vaporizer, drugs (strictly forbidden) or similar.

Pets Bringing pets is not allowed.

Parking options You can park right next to the holiday apartment / holiday home and in the carport or garage, other public parking spaces are in the immediate vicinity. If a parking space is made available to you, this does not result in a custody contract. The lessor is not liable for loss of or damage to vehicles parked or maneuvered on the property and their contents, except in the case of willful intent or gross negligence.

Housekeeping If repairs are necessary immediately, it can be essential that the landlord has to enter the holiday home without the knowledge of the guest.

Keys Please never let the keys out of your hand. A loss of the key must be reported immediately and the guest is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs.

Liability The landlord is not liable for valuables belonging to the guest.

Arrival and departure Arrival is by arrangement. On the day of departure, we ask our guests to vacate the apartment / holiday home by 10 a.m. at the latest. When you leave, the holiday apartment / holiday home should look the way you found it. By booking the holiday apartment, we assume that the house rules are recognized.

Corona, please note the state regulations regarding your trip to the Free State of Bavaria.

Cost calculations In the rare case that the fuxbau is not treated respectfully, we reserve the right to calculate the costs accordingly, such as:

-for smoking in the fuxbau from 1000 euros (this includes, for example, increased cleaning costs, washing of all fabrics and appropriate craftsmen, including painters, as well as cancellation costs for all next guests -for broken items we charge the new price and the time required - for clogged pipes from 1000 euros for craftsmen, increased cleaning effort as well as painters and downtime costs for the affected journeys

Thank you for your attention. We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and recreation. For questions we are happy to help. Your Hosts